Awards & Testimonials

General Contactors' Association (GCA)
Build Hawaii Award 2007

Myounghee Noh & Associates is the Excellence Award recipient, in the environmental category, of the General Contractors’ Association (GCA) Build Hawaii Award 2007. MNA won the award for our landfill repair work at Tripler Army Medical Center Landfill. JAYAR Construction was our partner for this project.

What Others Are Saying About MNA

We received the Notice of General Permit Coverage for the NOAA Main Facility project today (12/14/2010). The State (of Hawaii Clean Water Branch) had no comments! This is not a common occurrence for a project of this size. Thank you very much for your great work! …..Due to the careful and diligent work performed by Ms. Kotkovetz and Myounghee Noh & Associates, the review and approval time for the NOI was considerably shorter than it could have otherwise been. This has helped to keep this important, high-visibility project on schedule.
— Anne Hong, NAVFAC Hawaii Environmental Office, on the NOAA Pacific Regional Center project on Ford Island
Working with you allowed us to expand our knowledge in the field of environmental projects. You made it easy for the workers to understand hazardous material handling.
— Mitsuru Chinen, Section Head of Nanseki Kaihatsu Co. Ltd., Construction Dept., Okinawa
I have found MNA to provide exceptional service, quality, & thorough work and is able to satisfy tight schedules and accommodate unforeseeable conditions without compromising their standards of work. MNA has been a valuable resource on several county projects.
— James M. Komata, Park Planner, City & County of Hawaii
MNA was responsible for a number of important environmental cleanup and remedial actions in Korea and completed them all in an exceptional manner. They were especially outstanding on a highly political cleanup site that involved a contaminated mountainside and innovative technology.
— Allen Chin, Former Chief of Engineering, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Far East District
...MNA’s thorough work, written reports, professional consultation and advice, and follow-up efforts, including project monitoring, have resulted in satisfied complainants and clients. We have come to expect that MNA will always provide efficient, reliable, accurate, dependable, and quality services for the Hawaii Department of Education.
— Melvin T. Seo, Administrator, State of Hawaii Department of Education
MNA is always willing to do what is required and many times exceeds expectations. Always pleasant, professional, and solutions based, they are a joy to work with.
— Ranelle Ho, Sr. Associate, SSFM International
...MNA showed good performance with excellent professionalism. With effective project management and flexibility, MNA performed well on a complex project.
— Jack Barron, Architect, RIM Architects, on the Design-Build Repair of the PACAF HQ B1102
...MNA performed admirably, efficiently, and satisfactorily….I highly recommend the services of MNA for any hazardous material related services.
— Mitchell Kawamura, Project Engineer, Hawaii Public Housing Authority, on the Lanakila Homes Redevelopment Project Phase IIIb and IV, Hilo, Hawaii