Our Mission

To Enable Our Clients

Achieving our mission by…

  • Understanding the needs and wants of our clients.

  • Helping our clients achieve their objectives.

  • Strengthening our client’s project team.

  • Lowering liability, in part by understanding and avoiding costly mistakes.

  • Responding to and delivering under tight deadlines.

  • Guarding the health and safety of the public and environmental quality.

Working with you allowed us to expand our knowledge in the field of environmental projects. You made it easy for the workers to understand hazardous material handling.
— Mitsuru Chinen, Section Head of Nanseki Kaihatsu Co. Ltd., Construction Dept., Okinawa

Quality Assurance

MNA is committed to providing the best quality services. Our quality management system ensures that our customers receive quality environmental services that are timely, reliable, and meet their purpose in a cost-effective manner.

The integrated components of our quality assurance system make working with MNA easy and effective:

  • Listen, review, and assess client needs

  • Review existing data; evaluate accuracy and reliability

  • Generate Quality Assurance Project Plans that meet pre-defined Data Quality Objectives

  • Comply with all pertinent federal, state, and local laws and regulations

  • Provide services in a confidential manner

  • Offer unlimited telephone and email consultations

  • Provide clear definitions and expectations to subcontractors and team members

  • Evaluate the work of subcontractors and suppliers

  • Deliver on time and on budget

  • Seek evaluation from clients and user agencies

We Deliver Quality